Hope is an essential factor and motivator when it comes to change, innovation, inclusiveness and agility. How do you gain insight in hope and what can you do to increase it? How does cooperating with The Hope Project look like?

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Measure to understand

The Hope Barometer is a specially developed tool to gain insight in hope. It measures on 7 dimensions of hope and gives a good image of the role that hope plays at that moment within the studied group. The extended version of The Hope Barometer is distributed among the target group (e.g. personnel). We have a straightforward instrument available that can be used quickly.

Some contexts require a more extensive measurement of hope. In that case we can adapt The Hope Barometer to the context. We have done this, for example, when measuring hope among young people. The aspect of hope can also be included in existing, broader measurements such as we have done in a measurement of happiness and hope at a medical institution. Would you like to know more about how we work? Contact us.

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Interventions to increase hope

If the results of The Hope Barometer are known, it is possible to determine interventions to increase hope. The design of interventions is always tailor-made and focuses on one or more dimensions of hope.

When deploying interventions, we make use of the expertise of other parties, for example in the field of positive psychology and, of course, the knowledge, skills and experience of our own organization. Together we develop an action plan and include a subsequent measurement to provide insight into the effect of the interventions. Curious to learn about examples of interventions we have done?

Intervention instruments

Recent cooperations

We work together with various organisations and communities in both the government and the profit and non-profit sector.