(Guest Blog by Windesheim Honours College Team)

Well, this is exactly what we created!

We, a team of four international students, took the time to find a proactive approach to stimulate your hope. It started as an idea to increase resilience, in a year full of difficulties.

With the support of a newly created network, we connected experts across fields.

One highly engaged partner was the ‘Hope Project’. Throughout many brainstorming sessions, we shaped all the newly gained knowledge and experiences into one intriguing product – a 10-Day Challenge Guide. Each day you get out of your comfort zone. The aim: to increase your level of hope!

But why should you?

Hope is a key in building lasting resilience, in such a disaster drawn world. By combining diverse aspects of hope and happiness in a proactive engaging challenge you can create your unique hope journey.

Check out the 10-Day Challenge and get your hopes up:


Carlijn, Fiona, Emma, and Maren

(Our Windesheim Honours College Team)