Intervention instruments

What can you do with insight on hope in your organization or its activities?

Types of interventions

The measurement(s) with The Hope Barometer provide a good basis to define interventions. The score on the seven different dimensions of hope indicates which type of intervention is desired.

This can be in the area of cognitive hope, for example in the form of developing and stimulating self-help at individual level or strengthening institutional hope by working on trust in the institutions.

Our ambition is to further focus on interventions on the social dimension. This aspect is lacking in the regular cognitive-psychological approach. We do however see many opportunities to contribute to current themes such as inclusiveness.

The Hope Barometer


The design of interventions is always tailor-made. We make use of other parties from various disciplines such as positive psychology, sociology and change management and of course the knowledge, skills and experience of our own organization. Together we develop an action plan and include a subsequent measurement to provide insight into the effect of the interventions.


Work together for more hope in your organisation

Insight alone does not lead to an increase of hope. We therefore not only measure hope but we also do interventions. We do this primarily in organisations in the profit and non-profit sector, as well as in the government, and always develop tailor-made solutions. Would you like to know what we can do for your organisation and about our approach? Cooperation