The Hope Barometer is an insightful measuring tool. It has been developed with the aim of measuring hope in an understandable way. This can be done on a national or regional/urban level as well as in organizations and communities.

Would you like to know what is the status in terms of hope for you personally, in your organization or in relation to your activities? Then using The Hope Barometer is a relatively simple way to gain insight into hope. The Hope Barometer will always be adapted to the context in which the measurement takes place.

With the short self-test you can get an impression of The Hope Barometer. This is a considerably simplified and shortened test.

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The Hope Barometer measures hope on seven different dimensions. These are:

  • Cognitive Hope
  • Emotional hope
  • Virtuous hope
  • Social hope
  • Economic expectations
  • Institutional hope
  • Spiritual hope

We measure these dimensions based on existing scales and new, self-developed scales.

Conducting The Hope Barometer in your organisation

In 2019 we conducted The Hope Barometer at various organizations and groups. These measurements gave a lot of insight on hope as well as on what could be done to increase hope. Wondering how our approach works and whether you could use it for your organization as well? Contact us or read more at cooperation.

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The Hope Barometer Reports

Since 2016 we have conducted The Hope Barometer four times in the Netherlands. The last measurement in 2019 showed the same average score as in 2018: a 6.3. Within this score, however, there was a significant difference in terms of trust and expectations. One has more positive expectations of life in general and of the social domain, such as education, health care and security.