The Hope Project

What role does hope play in organizations, communities (such as cities, migrants, lgbt) and on an individual level? That is exactly what we focus on: we conduct academic research of hope and how to apply it in practice. Hope is an indispensable motivator and factor when it comes to achieving more inclusiveness, transformation, innovation and agility in a rapidly changing world.

Our mission

The Hope Project is a scientific project that focuses on increasing insight into hope by, among other things, measuring it, as well as positively influencing hope.

Our mission is to achieve a significant increase of hope in Western Europe and North America. We do not see hope as an objective in itself, but as a crucial motivator for achieving for example inclusiveness and agility. We work on our mission by providing insight into the concept of hope, carrying out hope measurements at national, local and organizational levels and we provide interventions to increase hope.

What is hope?

We define hope as a desire for an achievable, but always uncertain goal. Hope is therefore an important motivation for change and innovation. It helps and encourages organizations and individuals to flourish in a rapidly changing world. We distinguish seven different dimensions as crucial aspects of hope.

Hope is neither unambiguous nor a simple concept. You have hope in sizes, from small (‘I hope I will catch my train’) to big (‘a better world for everyone’). Hope can be passive (like hoping for sunny weather, tomorrow), or active (hoping you manage to find your way to the city centre).

Hope is easily associated with happiness. Although there is certainly a connection here, there are clear differences. Where happiness is much more about a state of satisfaction, the emotion of hope triggers action. Hope is thus an incentive for achieving a goal, which can bring about happiness.


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Hoe meet je hoop?

Naast een academische verdieping van het concept hoop (zie Research) is voor het begrijpen van hoop het nodig om het te kunnen meten. Daarvoor hebben we de Hope Barometer ontwikkeld, een handige (academische) en inzicht gevende tool in hoop. Wil je weten hoe het werkt? Vul dan de korte zelftest in of lees meer informatie over de Hope Barometer.

De Hope Barometer

Hoe groeit hoop?

Een inzicht alleen leidt nog niet tot een toename van hoop. Wij richten ons daarom naast het meten van hoop ook op interventies om hoop te doen groeien. We doen dat primair in organisaties en projecten in zowel de profit- als non-profitsector en ontwikkelen een maatwerk aanpak aan interventies samen met specialisten.

Samenwerking Interventie instrumenten

Work together for more hope in your organisation

Insight alone does not lead to an increase of hope. We therefore not only measure hope but we also do interventions. We do this primarily in organisations in the profit and non-profit sector, as well as in the government, and always develop tailor-made solutions. Would you like to know what we can do for your organisation and about our approach? Cooperation